Jean Adamson joined our organisation in the run up to a planned CQC inspection of our small mental health trust. Her role was to work with us on ensuring CQC compliance across our varied range of outpatient services and on preparing us for our first well-led review.

Jean worked well at all levels of the organisation; she worked with our frontline staff in our local and national services and worked closely with the senior management team and the Board of Directors. Her work with our clinical teams was very much appreciated as she clearly understood their concerns and was able to make sure they were aware of their strengths and areas for improvement.

In preparing for the well-led review Jean showed a highly valuable capacity to understand rapidly the workings of a complex organisation. She used her insight and experience to reflect back both our areas of excellence and those where we needed to review our current systems to ensure they fully supported the quality and safety of our services. We were highly satisfied with our CQC rating which was Good overall, with an Outstanding in the effectiveness domain.

Louise Lyon

Director of Quality & Patient Experience